Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And so it begins...

An old friend from Trinity (and in fact, he was Rob's roommate) was in town this weekend. We both have kids so we decided to meet for lunch and a wander round Burnaby Village Museum. They have it all set up for Heritage Christmas. Right up my alley!

Oh, if only these were real. Yum!

Father Christmas? Oh goodie!

David was excited, but Elisabeth was a little bit afraid.

heh heh heh

I'd love to have pictures done here.
Here's Tony's beautiful little girl.

And us. What a rag tag group.

Getting balloon animals made.

And riding the famous carousel.

Since we were in Vancouver already, we decided to head to Stanley Park to ride the Christmas train.
Elisabeth enjoying the lights.

Handsome husband and sweet little son, ready to ride the train.

Me and Elisabeth also ready to ride the train.

Popcorn, dinner of champions!

This pretzel is as big as my head!


Facepainting by donation.


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Great pictures