Saturday, November 27, 2010

Who knew it would be so hard to get a decent picture?!

We were hoping to get family pictures done today, but finally decided it was a bit too soggy out. So when we decided to head to Fort Langley for a bonfire, I thought I'd try and snap a few pictures of us and the kids. Who knew it would be so hard to get a decent picture with everyone eyes open, looking at the camera?

Also, while I was expecting a bit more snow in Fort Langley, I didn't realise it would be full out deep snow still! Runners were definitely the wrong choice today!

Hmn, hot chocolate not to your liking, Elisabeth?

Dang, she's cute!

I tried for a good one of me and the kids.

Hmn, well this one isn't too bad!

Then I made the kids pose some more before I would light the fire.

Finally we did get started. Elisabeth read the Future Shop flyer and picked out cameras she wants to get (and she's going to buy me a pink one!)

See the steam coming off my shoes? EEP!
Roasting popcorn.

Elisabeth, very proud of her perfectly roasted marshmallows. Well done!

And David, super duper proud of his Christmas tshirt!

And finally, the threat: "NO MORE PICTURES! Or else...."

But then we decided to pick up our Christmas tree so I had to take more pictures!

We found the perfect little tree. Just $14.99!!

So Andrew cut it down!

Just kidding. We found a real tree.

And I held the tree while Andrew sawed.

And eventually we got it down.

Ta da!

And when we got home, we decided we might as well pull out the artificial tree too:

Then the real tree: