Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Oh boy, I'm behind!

Some leftover pictures from Halloween. Here's Braylon, the little guy I babysit. He came to show us his adorable costume. Braylon is crazy about penguins and his sleepytimestuffy is a penguin. The only show on TV he ever pays any attention to is Pingu. And I swear he speaks more penguin than he does English!! Isn't he adorable?

My pumpkin creation this year. I perfected the arms this year and inserted a sad little pumpkin in my punkin's mouth. Underneath is Davey's pumpkin. He done good!

And two of my last trick or treaters of the year. They're cute too!


Anonymous said...

Great costumes, I'd have to say Braylon's takes the cake though! Sooo adorable!