Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Scarecrow Festival

When you're on the mailing list for pretty much every local nursery, you get to hear about some fun stuff. Arts Nursery was having a full day of fall workshops and a scarecrow festival with build your own scarecrows and other events for the kids, so we decided to check it out.

Unfortunately, though I'd made sure my camera battery was charged, and faithfully brought it, I forgot to load a memory card. My phone was at 15% so I was very stingy with the pictures.

We wandered through their plants (Arts has a great selection, but better than that, they have GOLF CARTS. If you're ever there, I highly recommend taking one out through their lot to check out everything) following the signs for the scarecrows. All of them were sponsored by a local business or association and there were some super creative dummies to be found.

Then we started looking for the crafts. The first thing we saw was a giant pumpkin amidst some normal pumpkins. Photo opp! 

Despite the rain, it was quite busy. But we found a place to build and got to work. Unfortunately, even though I'd reminded Kandace to bring clothes for her scarecrow, I'd neglected to bring any myself. Though I did have cash to pay the 'by donation' charge for crafting.

Not my day apparently.

David enjoyed using the glue gun. I managed to glue my fingers together. Twice!

Oh, and they had face painting!

And decorate your own flower pots. Which we then planted with free plants.

There's the G's scarecrow in progress.

Such a fun day for these kids. David noted that it would make a super fun birthday party too.

David with his decorated pot and plant.

Superfun. We'll have to try to come back with supplies for our own scarecrow!