Sunday, December 20, 2015

Lochiel Elementary School

Now that the kids are getting older (they're classified as intermediate and senior elementary school - sob!) the field trips are few and far between. So when they have one, I try to get the time off work to go with them.

Elisabeth had a trip to Lochiel Elementary School which is located in Campbell Valley Park. The kids have been learning about pioneer times this term and the trip was the capstone - where they would get to experience what life in a pioneer classroom was like.

Elisabeth was secretly nominated to play a role in the day. She was asked to name the king of England (which of course she didn't know!) and then had to wear the dunce cap!

Talk about public shaming...

I love the discipline in the pioneer schools. Stand to speak. Address the teacher by last name.

I guess that the discipline doesn't match with our new thinking on how children need to be able to bounce and move around and learn in different ways.

But we did break for laps around the classroom at one point :)

And then we did two crafts.

While we waited for the rest of the class, we had to sit with our heads on the desk. I thought this picture seemed like something out of Anne of Green Gables :)

Incidentally, the children were invited to dress in pioneer style. I've been saving this dress for Elisabeth since before I was married. It was my favorite dress when I was in grade three. And it was perfect for this field trip.