Sunday, December 20, 2015

We love parades

You already know how much we love parades. One parade we've always wanted to do, but never have, is the Roger's Santa Claus parade in downtown Vancouver. I happened to see a Facebook post by Island Farms offering a contest to win VIP family packs to the parade. So, just for fun, I entered. And won!

The prize was four tickets to watch the parade from the bleachers right at the art gallery downtown. It was a miserable day, so we only headed downtown about an hour before the parade started. In the square in front of the art gallery there were crafts, music, face painting...the kind of stuff my kids love.

Then we got sit right front and centre. It felt like nobody from Island Farms was there, and maybe not even all of the winners, so we got the front row.

Along with everything being offered by the Rogers parade, we got free hot chocolate from Starbucks, free purdy's chocolate and other snacks.

Oh! And free rain ponchos. I'm telling you, we were spoiled for parading after this event. Holy cow!

So the weather wasn't the best, but as you can see - spirits still bright :)

The parade was awesome. Unfortunately because of the rain, I didn't bring my camera, just my iPhone. So the pictures are a bit meh. But trust me when I say, this parade was so much fun!

Oh - and there's my awesome alma mater. Throwing out mini footballs, soccer balls, hockey was great!

Thank you Island Farms, and all the other sponsors...we had such a great time!