Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tree Shopping

One of my favorite pre-Christmas activities is the hunt for the tree. This year we brought the Rossis with us. Ada was so excited!

The last two years we've bought our trees from Country Noble. I love them. The owners are so friendly; the trees are amazing; and they have this whole little scene set up for taking pictures. AND a little fire with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Once again it was raining and miserable, and so no camera. I think I need to invest in a better phone if I'm going to have to keep taking pictures with my phone!

The dads got in on the photo fun.

Okay, so this was the sad part. We weren't able to get out for our tree any earlier. So we missed all the sunny days. THIS is how muddy our tree field is.

I got to hang with Rubey. He's the best <3 p="">
Please ignore my winter eyes. Every winter I get this stupid sinus thing that makes my eyes look just lovely.

All the kids wanted to walk in the mud. Even this big one.

Rubey got a hands free ride in his dad's coat.

Ada was no longer excited :(

But little Ruben always makes the best of things.

The Goldstones were the first to find and cut a tree.

(Why, oh why, isn't our precipitation WHITE?!)

Now that Andrew has a bum knee, we get Elisabeth to cut down our tree.

And then they bring it in to the farm on a wagon. How it can drive in that mud, I'm not really sure.

And then we warmed up by the fire. Maybe not the picture perfect experience we may have hoped for, but fun all the same :)