Thursday, December 24, 2015

Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge

Another Christmas tradition, albeit a rather recent one (this is our second year), is the Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Capilano Bridge is one of my favorites. I buy a season's pass every year (as a BC resident, if you buy your pass at full price, it's good for a year of visits!) and make good use of it.

The beginning of the site is an exhibit honouring the Native history of the site. It's very interesting and I really recommend not rushing through this section.

And then we always head straight to the cliff walk. It was the cliff walk which first interested me in Capilano. You see, I'd been as a teenager and been traumatized when one of my school friends rocked the bridge. But I kept seeing pictures of this cliff walk and really wanted to try it.

We specifically chose this day because there was promise of snow in the forecast. What I didn't clue in to was that if the snow didn't materialize, it would be rainy.

Very, very rainy.
So, the park was amazingly beautiful. But very wet.

The lights were just starting to come on - it was absolutely gorgeous.

We made our way to the tent where just last year we'd lost Elisabeth. The crafts hadn't started yet, but we took the opportunity to snap a few pictures in Santa's Sleigh before the crowds arrived.

Elisabeth was pretending to be a reindeer while the boys rode in the sleigh.

Next we crossed over the suspension bridge.

Much of the park is closed for this event because of the wet and the darkness. But treetops walk and the pond have beautiful displays.

While we were on this side, it got very dark indeed, and the lights could be seen to their full effect.

Finally we returned to the tent to decorate cookies and make cards. Oh, and drink hot chocolate :)

We did the cliff walk again. It was absolutely gorgeous, but really hard to capture on an iPhone.

One of my favorite things is when they direct the lights on the rock - or the water. The strings of lights are beautiful. But the lights glowing on the rock and water are stunning.

After a quick walk through the gift shop (one of my favorites), we let the Goldstones make their way home while we went back to the entrance to see how the beginning of the site looked with the lights.

It was pretty spectacutlar.