Thursday, June 02, 2016

Day trip to Richmond

My dad returned from Switzerland, and picking him up from the airport gave us an excuse to spend the afternoon in Richmond. We stopped briefly at the mall to spend a gift certificate my co-worker had given Elisabeth. And then we decided to explore Iona Beach. All these years of going to the airport and I had no idea there was a beach there! At least, not a public one!

The first thing we saw, was a frog.

It was pretty epic.

Just behind this view tower was a breakwater that stretches out for 4 km. We didn't have time for a 4 k walk, so we settled with walking along the beach. We'll have to come back!

It really felt like we were on the edge of the earth.

The kids built things, like they usually do.

And made weapons.

And posed for pictures.

And then it was time to eat. We went to MacArthur Glen to try to find food, but that place didn't really have much...unless you're looking to shop. So then it was off to the airport. And those pictures are trapped on my phone, so I'll have to blog them when I figure out how to get them off again!