Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Days when I hate living in the GVRD

It was a gorgeous day, and we really wanted to stretch our legs. It felt like I hadn't left the basement except to go to work in  long time. So we decided that after church we would go to Belcarra Park.

As we drove through the park, it became obvious that everyone else in the universe was there too. I had hoped that since it was kind of out of the way, we might be ok. ha ha ha.

So we tried Coquitlam Mall, because there was something I was looking for we thought we might find. That disappointed us too.

As we were driving home, I suddenly had the brainwave that we should just go to Ikea.

 Since we weren't shopping, we just tried out furniture, and generally had fun.

 David is always designing his next space.

 And Elisabeth was measuring new furniture for the house.

 I can't remember why she was sulking here, but it made for a cute picture.

 As always, the kids section of Ikea was a lot of fun.

 So maybe we didn't get any fresh air, but we still had an adventure. And that's all that matters.