Thursday, June 02, 2016

May Long Weekend!

The whole family was here for May long weekend! And it's been so long since we've seen Rob's family we decided to celebrate Charlotte's birthday too! For Elisabeth that meant face painting. She's been practicing.

Charlotte did a good job of sitting still.

Ruben likes the convertible mode of transportation.

Ada is a little obsessed with Jem and the Holograms these days. So her facepaint of choice was Jem's facepaint. And she and Charlotte dressed in their new matching dresses.

Elisabeth's Frozen toys and dollhouse got a good workout this weekend!

Meanwhile, we had a full house for dinner.

Alexis did some music instruction for the girls.

And on Sunday I had a brief respite from family and hit the park with my boy and his friends.

And their mama, but no photographic evidence of that.

After running around with them for a bit, we returned home to the cacophony of cousins.

And another huge family meal.

And I think we watched Frozen. Or that paws show.

Whatever we did, it was fun!