Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Mother's Day in Harrison

Our spring craft market was the Friday and Saturday of Mother's Day weekend, so I knew that we had to do something outside on Mother's Day. And after the debacle of trying to go to Belcarra, I knew we needed to head out early. Friday and Saturday were scorchers, so after much mental anguish, I finally decided we would go to Harrison Hot Springs.

I let these crazies come with me.

Unfortunately, Mother's Day Sunday was not a scorcher. It was freezing. Luckily I had a good book so I didn't notice.

I bundled these two up and they begged for food.

Then David decided to try to build a wind break.

It was alright for a while. But then the wind really picked up. So we decided to go to Muddy Waters for hot drinks.

And a game of chess.

Oh! And these amazing salted chocolate chip cookies!

Then we drove on to Agassiz. Where David climbed a tree.

And I bought two dresses (one for me, one for Elisabeth) at the Red Apple. I love that store.

Then I walked down to the train museum and took pictures.

We stopped at Bridal Falls and went for a stroll.

And ended the day by driving to Minter Country Gardens store because our usual ice cream stop in Rosedale was closed.