Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ahhhh the plight of a second child...Today marked a first in Elisabeth's life: her first trip to Costco. Davey's first trip was documented in film and duly scrapbooked AND blogged. For Elisabeth's we didn't even bring the camera. Didn't even think about it actually. But here she is after we got home. Davey wanted to play outside in the rain, so we sat outside with the camera. We got a ton of cute pictures of him, and one non-blurry picture of her. Here it is.

She looks so serious. Maybe it's because she knows that even though she's the girl, and even though she's incredibly cute, and even though she has ten million adorable dresses that she's growing out of faster than I can get her into them, we still take more pictures of davey than of her. Nah, she's not the jealous type. She must just be wondering why we're sitting outside when we should be eating (well, she should be eating).

Meanwhile, here's the cute and much photographed David Andrew:

He was so excited to have me outside with him - it doesn't happen as much as either of us would like. But he's really good about it. If he's really missing me, he'll climb up on to my lap, on top of Elisabeth, and give me a hug or a quick kiss then squish himself in beside me and watch some tv while I nurse Tink. Or if I'm on the computer, he insists on climbing onto my chair behind me, complaining all the while that I don't scoot forward further so that he has plenty of room, then wraps his arms around my neck for a good, long, leaning hug. Or if I'm trying to work in the kitchen? He'll come and attach himself to my legs till I either sit him on the counter or grab him a chair to help. In fact, he even helps me do laundry these days. I guess he knows that I don't get to actually play too often, so he'll help me so that we can do stuff together. He's a good kid.

Tonight, once we pried his cold, wet little self out of his car, and brought him in to warm up, he came and climbed into my chair again while I fed his sister. This time he squished himself in beside her head. I turned the TV to Treehouse while he put his bottle in one hand and adjusted himself so he could stroke his sister's head. Every once in a while he'd take the bottle out of his mouth and reach down and tenderly plant a kiss on her head. Finally I had to put her in his lap so he could share a real snuggle with his sister. He wrapped both arms around her waist and sat cheek to cheek with her.

I feel like the luckiest, most blessed person on earth to have been given two such precious babies.

On a completely different note, we had family pictures done last Sunday by Katy Sinclair. She is an incredible photographer. Born to take pictures of kids. I've had pictures done by several different photographers since having Davey. Tried taking hundreds, probably thousands of pictures myself. It's hard. They cry, they make faces, they move. They don't want to be posed. Katy made us feel completely at ease, completely comfortable. And even when the kids wouldn't cooperate (we had my kids and my sister's kids there) she just kept that camera to her eyes, snapping away, talking calmly. Our pictures aren't ready for viewing yet, but I can't wait to see what magic she's created. For those of you with kids, I really recommend checking out her site (follow the link from her name above).