Monday, February 08, 2010

Olympic Fever Hits Our Town

Today the Olympic torch arrived in our part of the Fraser Valley. David's school had some spots reserved inside Fort Langley to watch the torch and so Andrew and I decided to hang out with them for the morning.

Each school was assigned a colour from the Olympic Rings. Our colour was green which meant everyone was supposed to wear green. And we got funky hats to wear too.

We got tattoos on our faces.
And we practiced our cheers in the van on our way to the Fort.

My cute boy.

And cute girl.

The wait was not too bad considering the cold and the drizzle (though we probably had one of the warmer waits so I shouldn't complain!) and then the torch arrived!

All too soon the muskets fired to signal that the torch was leaving the fort again.

Though the fort had festivities going on all day, we had to get the day care kids back to school. So we went home for lunch, changed into something more patriotic, and headed to the City for the next leg of the torch journey (our next leg?)

Family portrait at City Hall.

The torch arrived, but this was a lot different from at the Fort. All that waiting and it just zipped by. Still cool. One thing I LOVE about events in downtown Langley is all the seniors who come out. I love our seniors.

Dancing in the street.

Then, so the kids would think it was a perfect day, we stopped at the playground for a while. Any other day, dressing our kids the same would have made it easier to find them. Today, every single kid looked the same. Yikes.

Practicing for his own Olympic events.

When we got home we bumped into our cousins. And since all four kids were dressed in their Olympic gear, I took some pictures.