Saturday, February 06, 2010

Yesterday we decided to visit our good friends in Chilliwack. It was a beautiful day and the drive was easy too. David was mesmerized by the low clouds on Sumas Mountain so I handed him the camera and told him to take some pictures:

After such a long drive, the kids were ready to bounce!

But then we headed inside to play with all the awesome new-to-us toys!

More jumping. Ever since we went to Switzerland a few years ago (and for the first time saw this style of trampoline) we have wanted one. Even I like bouncing on these things. And they're great for napping too.

Natasha's parents have chickens (and roosters!) and are letting them run around the yard. They are super friendly, and not aggressive. AND REALLY PRETTY!
David and Seth played boy type games.

And I chased chickens.

Hmn, we need to pave our driveway. It's nice and long too and after seeing Seth and David playing on this one, I realised how much more playing we could do on ours if it wasn't gravel. Another project to add to my list...

Some sword fighting. Elisabeth was inside hiding from the chickens while all this was going on. Several years ago one of the chickens here bit her. Elisabeth has never forgiven them. Today I assured her that the bad chickens all got killed and these are very nice chickens (fingers crossed!) and she was a bit more open to playing near them.

When we got home, Elisabeth did my hair. You can't tell in this picture, but our smiles were nice so I posted it anyway.

Here is my hair and five of about ten pretties.

And I had to put the rest of the clips in Elisabeth's hair. At least today she didn't make me put the elastics AND the clips in!

"I can't see, mum!"