Monday, February 22, 2010

Preschool Field Trip to Aldor Acres - this time to milk some cows!

Elisabeth's class headed to Aldor Acres to learn about dairy farming. I was really excited about this trip since I grew up on a dairy farm.

We watched a movie in a big welcoming room then headed into what they call the theatre (there's a picture of it, below!) where we got to watch a few of the cows get milked.

Here's the set up they used, it doesn't look that much different from what I remember back in the olden days. Though those glass jugs are different. The milk stays in there till all the cows are done, then they flush it through the system. It was interesting to see how different the production levels are for each cow.

We all had to take turns shaking this jar of cream. After we'd done in the theatre, the lady opened it up and lo and behold we had butter! Cool.

Then Elisabeth milked a cow. First she stroked it...

And then she milked. I was so proud of her cause she was VERY scared. But excited once it was done :)