Thursday, June 24, 2010

For Father's Day, we let Andrew decide what he wanted to do. He chose the beach (surprise, surprise!) Let me tell you, it was FRIGID! I had layers and towels for everyone but me; I was so sure I'd be fine in two layers of short sleeves and my down vest. Nope! Luckily someone left a bonfire smouldering on the beach and I furtively fed it all afternoon!

Andrew decided it was time to move to the next stage with his castle building so he brought some heavy duty tools. But first, they had to dig up some sand.

Then he showed the kids how to sculpt it.

Elisabeth got too cold around this time, so she came to snuggle under the blankets with me.

While the boys kept carving.

The finished product:

By this time the tide was coming in pretty fast, so the race was on to fortify the house.