Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The weather has been so odd this spring. Stretches of rainy, miserable weather and then one day of sun. Then days and days and days of rain before we even get one day of sun. So when Saturday dawned sunny and warm, I made my family get up and dressed and we were at the beach by 930 am. I think I've been in withdrawal!

Andrew and Elisabeth walked down the beach while David and hung out by our stuff. When David saw them coming back, he took off towards them.

Awww Davey, I had no idea you liked her so much!

The tide was out when we got to the beach and there seemed to be a lot more tide pools than usual. And there was a lot of activity going on in those puddles! You know the phrase, teeming with life? I know what it means now! This particular pool was covered in sea weed and it was in constant motion with all the crabs, fish, shells etc. that were moving all over the place.

Catching crabs with their shovels.

Oh man, check out how dirty my girl got! She (and Andrew) dug a hole in the dirt until they hit water. Then she proceeded to sit (or lie - belly first) in the hole and play. UGH!

The tide was out so far. From our perspective it looked like it was almost out all the way to the Tsawassen/Point Roberts peninsula. Elisabeth and I decided to see how far our we could walk. See all that beach behind her?

Yeah, it was pretty amazing. And kind of scary too.

Lunch time!

An older lady showed up and plonked herself down near us. The two children were close to David's age and immediately wanted to play with our kids. Yay!

Last year I bought Andrew a book on Sandcastle building. In the book it tells you to scoop out wet dirt and plop it down (hand stacking) the way David is doing below. This process makes the dirt piles really strong because it keeps the water in the dirt.

Then you can use tools to shape the piles however you like.

Unfortunately we had to leave before David and Andrew finished their castle. But you can see the stairs they built - stairs are their specialty!


Amanda said...

cool sandcastles! And I had no idea that that was the best way to build a sandcastle. Thanks for the learnin' experience! I'll be sure to remember that for future sandcastles!! :-)

Enjoyed looking at your pics and catching up a bit again. I wish I had a beach like yours there.

Take care!!!