Tuesday, June 15, 2010

oh sheesh

I haven't been updating the blog because I thought there was nothing to update with. And then today I emptied the camera and noticed that lots of things have been going on...I'm just dropping the ball...oops!

So, back to when Andrew's parents were here. Grandma made Elisabeth this dress and the kids posed together so we could show off Grandma's handiwork!

I love the jazz hands :)
A couple of days later, David had a friend over. They were playing pretty hard and then David decided he needed war paint. Thank goodness he used washable crayola markers.

And the next day was sports day. They started things off with a wheels parade around the gym. David was really scared to scootering in front of all these people. But he persevered!

The first race...they had to run with water in a dipper and pour it into a 2L bottle. First team to fill up their bottle won.

Team spirit!
Later that week, we had new friends over for dinner...only they brought all the food. Home made Korean and mannnnn was it good!