Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On Sunday afternoon we decided to go for a walk at Williams Park. David brought his soccer ball and we had a little impromptu game of soccer.

Then, we headed down the Stairs.

I love this part of Williams Park. Little meadows separated from each other by forest glens. So peaceful and beautiful. Just through here you enter the Forest proper and the trail follows a creek.
But before we found the creek, we needed to stop for some soccer and


Finally we walked through the forest and found a little beach along the creek. The boys threw rocks in the water while Elisabeth found a little pool to paddle in.

My fambly :)
On our way back to the car we passed lots of trees with little caves. I thought maybe this would be a cute little fairy hole. David jumped right in and started shooting. *sigh* boys!

As we were walking, we noticed this stair case through the trees. I'd never noticed it before...so we decided we'd better see where it led!

And there were forest creatures! Ents?

And bridges!
As we got deeper and deeper into the forest, I had visions of Hansel and Gretel's predicament!

So I made sure we'd find our way back.

We made our way back through the forest to the bridge. Elisabeth decided to fish off the bridge - time for supper?

Then, in typical little boy style, Mr. Bigger Better had to fish with a tree trunk.

Before we left the park, we had to stop to wade in one more creek. And the heavens cleared and the sun came out and it was just too peaceful here. So we stayed for a while.

The kids found caterpillars. Fake caterpillars.

And threw rocks.

And then we went back up top and played in the playground. The teeter totter (see saw?) was a big hit!

When we got home, it was so nice out that we pulled out the dinosaur pool. Oh dino pool, we've missed you!