Saturday, June 26, 2010

The latter half of the week

We're ending the school year in a FRENZY of activity! Unfortunately, David has a cold, but he did insist on being at the year end party at Al Anderson Park. It was pretty low-key and lots of fun.

Paigey, you're adorable! We're gonna miss your snuggliness next year :(

Crazy Jadeybug.
And David pretty much spent the whole day playing in the sand. When it was time to go, he was mad that he hadn't gotten to play in the water park. But it was probably a good thing considering it wasn't all that warm.

The Lyths got a new backyard toy and I am SO jealous (even though we don't really have a flat spot for our own trampoline yet anyway!) I hope they go camping or something this summer so I can sneak over and spend the whole time they're gone bouncing...

David doing his best "daddy" impersonation.
Apparently this is my mini me, though I think she's much cuter. Little sweetie.

And since the weekend I'd been forced to cut off all Andrew's hair and my mum's. So I was in the mood to go nuts. Poor Davey was my hapless victim :)