Friday, February 18, 2011

Playground Research

Today was a proD day from school. I asked for the day off 'work' so I could spend some quality time with my kids. We got up bright and early and headed to Brookswood park. David loved the spinny thing.

And actually, so did I!!

Next we had a juice break.

Then we headed to downtown Langley and tried out another park. We have a goal to hit up every single playground in Langley this year and rate them.

I really, really want one of these for my backyard. Part swing, part hammock.

And teeterytottery things are always a hit with our family.

I love my province.


This thing was fun too, even though I kept almost falling off. It was a giant, topsy turvy circle. Once two of us got on, it would spin. And at certain angles and speeds it was really hard not to fall off!

Then we went to Blacklock Elementary, one of my all time favorite playgrounds. I love wooden playgrounds. Especially if they're in scenic areas like this...

Lots of fun. Old school can be awesome.


Kristel said...

i kind of just really wanna go play with you guys...