Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentines Day Shenanigans

Neighbor Kandace had an awesome idea: throw the littles a Valentines Day Party. And since we have a big sort of empty basement, we had it at our house.

Firs the kids rode around a little:

Then we lined em up for a snapshot:

And played some party games. Some went over better than others...

And we decorated cookies.

Some of us definitely subscribe to the more is more philosophy of cookie decorating.

After the party, I was feeling the effects of too much good food. So we drove to Whiterock and went for a walk.

Since it was almost vday, we got a picture together.

I really liked this boat.
David wanted to climb the rock. This was the one time there weren't any logs against the rock to aid in climbing. So Daddy lent a hand...

Then we went for a closer look at the boat.

The sun set. It got very cold. But it was sooooo pretty!

And then a train went by and we left happy.