Friday, February 18, 2011

What's been going on here lately...

There's been a lot going on around here lately. In fact, the days kind of pass in a blur. On the one hand, that means I've had to get a lot more organized so that things don't fall apart. On the other, days are passing in a blur! oy.

I always have extra kids in the house. I love it. We've made friends with some of our neighbors (I use that term fairly loosely though, but they do live in the neighborhood. So that counts, right?)

Elisabeth and Griffy are in the same class at school and spend a lot of time together. They're best buds, see?

There's something so cute about kids who fall asleep in strange places. Like between the cushions on the couch...

I forgot how long Elisabeth's hair was! I also forget where were going in this picture, but I loved that David had my safety goggles on. He wore them all day at school too, said he needed them to protect his eyes from the rain!

Then one Sunday I decided the kids needed their hair cut. Here's David's new do:

And Lizzies.

Then we had our neighbors over one evening.

We watched a movie.

Cute kids ready for church.

It's a new day and I have a yard full of kids.

Even Braylon came out to play. Though this puddle loving boy always wants to go play in the pond...

We played in the playhouse...

And caught some pests...

Ahem. Even some large pests...

The three muskateers!

(or was that the three amigos?!)

We have a lot of fun. Can you tell?!

Okay, enough of that. Now it's a new day and the sun was still shining. Oh praise be! Ben was over again so we went to the park for a swing.

And then we walked down to the water road.

Where the sun made some of us think a little paddle was in order...

And after all that exercise, she fell asleep again! But there's no more comfy, or safe, place than on Daddy's lap!!

Day three and she fell asleep on the couch again! All that sunshien was wearing her out!