Wednesday, August 27, 2014


David and I were antiquing in Fort Langley on Sunday, and he asked me if we could go to Fort Langley after work one day. So yesterday we did.

They've made a lot of new displays around the site with interactive areas for the kids to learn. Each of the kids also got a passport with activities to complete at each section of the site; questions to answer; and a comment card to fill in. It was a really cool way to make sure they didn't just race around the fort jumping on everything (though they did that too).

Here, Nate and Elisabeth try their hand at smithing after watching the blacksmith demonstration.

Obviously they took their projects very seriously.

(Notice the similarity to Thor, anyone?)

There were also costumes and props to try on and make your interactive experience even better.

Always a highlight, building a house.

Next we watched a weapons demonstration. Everyone came out to see this one (of course). We started with a presentation on different guns and how they were used.

Then moved outside the fort to watch them get fired.

Then we moved on to the cooperidge to try our hands at making barrels.

And into the trading post to make some trades.

Lizzie carried her bales of pelts (or whatever) to trade them for other goods.

Part of the demonstration garden.

Have you ever milked a cow? Well, you won't get to do it here. But you can pretend you are. And this cow never runs outta milk. Fill your bucket? No problem. Dump the contents back in her udder and start again. Endless fun :S

Seriously. It never ended.

Finally, on to panning for gold! EUREKA!