Friday, August 29, 2014

Tea Parties and Islands and Road Trips with Family

July 12th my brother Rob and his wife Eireen had a teaparty in their backyard to celebrate their love. So we dressed in our finest and took a day trip to the island. 

Don't let this photo fool you. My little shrimp of a niece isn't taller than me yet.


Kathi and Cody are the cutest. They weren't even pretending to like each other for the camera, they're just like this. That's them with their girls above and the two of them canoodling below :)

My boy. This hair do is in aid of a halloween costume. That's almost a year of commitment to a hair do for one night of glory. But he does have lovely hair.

The three middle cousins. Still best friends.

Cara is the princess in the dolphin swing. They have an amazing community of friends. I was a little bit jealous.

Eireen and her family decorated the backyard beautifully. It was magical.

David isn't one for delicate sandwiches, cakes or cookies. But he sure loved the jellybeans and popcorn.

This is Eireen's niece, Janet, who has been in Canada for the summer.

More of Cara. We don't get to see her enough.

And these two strutting their stuff for an impromptu photo shoot.
So much fun. I love my family.