Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Camping Adventures 2

I take a lot of pictures on my phone. Unfortunately, I've deleted most of them without saving them anywhere. But here are some from my instagram. See...a phone is handy, but it's also dangerous. I probably had some great pictures on my phone that are gone forever. Oh well.

The first day we camped was Nate's birthday. We celebrated with cupcakes and sparklers. We had planned to make it kind of a thing, but then this little boy latched on to our party and that first night he was a bit of a troll. So we kept waiting for him to go home and that never happened and we finally did low key cupcakes with him there.

Later we figured out that he was just trying to impress our kids with his 'big kid' words and attitude and we all decided we liked each other. Well, he especially liked me, as he would prove by just wandering into the site and sitting on me. Obviously, he wormed his way into my heart...

Here are the sparklers.

 And our two birthday kids. Nate turned nine and Lizzie turned eight while we were camping. They're growing up so fast...

On Monday when we did our little stroll around the lower half of Lightning Lake, we found these massive dandelions. These pictures don't come anywhere to doing them justice. They were the size of softballs. Absolutely gorgeous.

We also took Cubby for her first swim in the lake. It was pretty hot, so she tolerated it, but she wasn't sure what to think at first. We took her in the river at the campsite and the lake a couple more times, and she liked it more each time.  But she's not one of those crazy dogs that goes barrelling in the water and gets everyone wet.

On Wednesday we went back to the lake and the men rented a canoe. Lizzie's birthday wish was to fish from a canoe on Lightning Lake.

Meanwhile, Kandace, David, Cubby and I did the full hike around the lake. It was gorgeous.

I have this app on my phone that takes fake HDR pictures. Most of the time it's pretty awesome, but on the picture below it didn't quite pick up everything. Gives kind of a ghost effect, doesn't it?

We also walked along the river trails behind our camp site a lot. It was wild and gorgeous and Denis and Elisabeth tried their hand at fishing again.

The boys were pretty jealous that they don't have fishing rods too. We didn't catch anything though.

Rocks around where we camped. It was really pretty. There was also a lot of hog weed growing in the area which was scary.

On Friday I finally got the courage to do the drive up to the Alpine trail. Let me tell you, I have never been so scared in my life. That drive is terrifying. I have the best family/friends in the world though. They humoured me though and drove 30 k the whole time, in the middle of the road and put up with my obsessiveness. The drive was worth it (though I'm not sure I'd do it again) and the views and trails were absolutely stunning.

The trails go on forever. This trail in front of us went all the way to the east gate of Manning Park.

Above is the cabin that Dave and Alexis stayed in. This is a side's massive from the front, but you can't tell from here. Isn't it gorgeous?