Thursday, September 11, 2014

These are some pictures I took back in July. We had the most amazing summer this year: mostly dry and warm with clear blue skies. Perfect summer holidaying weather. So we tried to make the most of it with lots of trips. These are some from an afternoon in Whiterock.

 I've never really been interested in totem poles or Native Art before. But this summer, I can not stop photographing the various totems we've come across. I love the rich colours and the wood. It's beautiful.

Usually when we go to the beach, it's Crescent or Harrison. But we wanted to go back to Whiterock and see if we could catch the tide out. We did and it was amazing. Sky and sand FOREVER. And also, green slimy stuff. SO MUCH GREEN. 

 Luckily the kids don't seem as afraid of it as I am.They still had a blast.

 This is such a Lizzie face. She's a worrier. Partly because she's so intuitive and perceptive. And she's got a crazy imagination. Hopefully we can teach her to train these into positive attributes - I think she'll be a writer one day. And maybe an artist.

 This is Nate. He wore this bucket for a long time.