Thursday, September 04, 2014

long day on the farm.

So I expect this blog will be a little out of order until I catch up, but that will just give me some blog fodder for a little while.

I just got through the first week of school. For me this actually means two weeks straight of work. This year we were closed on Sunday, so I did actually get a day off. Tomorrow I can work from home, so that means I can relax a little (which in fact, I just did,..falling asleep mid post!) 

It's been a long week since Andrew is also working (two jobs right now) and the kids aren't in school because of the teacher strike. I'm so thankful for my sister and our neighbor who both look after our kids while we work.

One day recently when I wasn't at work, we took the kids to Taves Apple Barn. You know, we'd been there a few times, but never to play. Always to pick pumpkins or apples and we'd never done all the activities.

There was this zipline up in the barn. The kids are almost too big, but they still got a kick out of this. Looks so easy to build, I think we need one down our hill!

View of the petting zoo from up in the barn loft.

Who would have thought that one of the most popular parts of the farm was this little toddler area. Two of the kids were too old for this, and they were probably all too tall, but they loved riding these tractors around the little roadway.

As you can see, we spent a long time up there before we finally persuaded the kids to check out the other kids.

That goat looks all sweet and innocent, but the minute my back was turned (to get a picture of the pig below) he scampered up my back and sat on my shoulder. At first I was so confused I didn't know what was happening to me! I am so glad I didn't stand up suddenly and fling him across the yard! Needless to say, my back and shoulder were a bit tender for a few days after that!

We took the wagon ride out through the orchard and past all the corn fields.

As you can see, David is NOT a farm boy! He didn't like all the smells.Although the only time they seemed to bother him was while we were on the tractor.

There was an amazing and huge corn maze here (you can just see it behind the boys). It was L shaped and went on forever. I was actually a little concerned we were lost in there!

This bouncer thing was my favorite. I don't imagine it would be fun with more than six people on it, but we sure had a blast and BOY can you bounce high on it!

The goats really liked me. This one wouldn't stop licking my knees.

Once we'd exhausted all the other parts of the farm, the kids dragged us back upstairs to ride the tractors one more time.

Super fun day and so worth the price of admission.