Friday, September 12, 2014

We like fireworks

Earlier this summer we headed to Vancouver with our neighbors, and Uncle Dave and met Andrew to watch the fireworks. It's been YEARS since I'd been to Vancouver for Symphony of Fire (like since before me and Andrew.) so I had no idea what to expect. I'd heard from someone that a good place for families to watch from was the Jericho Ridge area. So that's where we went.

Though I've watched the fireworks from Kits before, and I've been to the Planetarium many times, I'd never actually explored the beach line along here. It's really pretty. One day we'll have to go back when it's not so crowded.

There's a couple of docks in a little bay (the park is called Hadden Park) where there are some boats moored and you can go look at them. They even have a mini viking ship built to scale. Unfortunately they weren't letting anyone down that night. Yet another reason we'll have to go back one day.

 So we puttered around with the kids and looked at the boats from afar. What a beautiful day. (We won't mention the nightmare drive into Richmond and how we got stuck in traffic before the tunnel for over an hour. It was soooo hot and traffic didn't move. I was so sure we would all die of heat stroke. Or that the evening would be ruined because of it. But you know it wasn't that bad once we found parking and got out of the cars.)

Me, Dave and Kandace!
 Beautiful Elisabeth.
 There is nothing better than lying in the sun with a good book, some fresh berries and and good friends and watching the sun set.

 It was beautiful.

 I don't have any pictures of the fireworks. Just the lovely sunset. Enjoy.