Monday, September 22, 2014

Elisabeth's only wish for her birthday was to take a canoe out on Lightning Lake and fish. So on her birthday, that's exactly what we did. Well, the men did. Andrew and Denis took Lizzie, Nate and Griff out on the water and Kandace, David, Cubby and I hiked around the lakes.

It was a beautiful day for a paddle.

 We made it to the bridge, and the guys pulled up right behind us. We hopped out to fish from shore, and eat some lunch.

 Pretty Cubby.

 After lunch, we continued walking around the lake. It's a beautiful and easy hike. Well worth the drive to Manning Park.

This is the very end of the lake. Where we found our canoers.

Denis had hopped out to trade kids (Lizzie for David) and lost a flip flop.

Kandace, David and I continued around the lake and after a (long) while, we finally found our canoers again.

We switched kids at this little beach but Cubby was exhausted. She didn't want to get up and keep walking.

 On Friday I finally got up enough courage to drive to drive up to the Alpine Trail. That's where we made a very important discovery. I have a serious phobia of crazy mountain roads. I was terrified.

I would say the view was worth the drive, but I think next time I'll walk up. It's only 18 km to the top :)

We did a small hike around the top, but it would have been amazing to do a real long hike.

This is me doing my best to look brave. But all I could think of was that I was going to have to get off the mountain somehow and I wasn't sure I could get back in the car.

 So we kept walking.
Eventually we had to get back in the car. I cried for a while, and everyone was so nice and took my fears seriously. Lizzie prayed for me and the most amazing thing happened. I immediately felt completely at peace. There was absolutely no more fear, I just felt peace. I have never experienced anything like that before.

And at the bottom, I insisted on some therapeutic chocolate.

Last morning at the campsite and the four old folks sat around talking about their dreams from the night before. It was pretty funny.



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