Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Fall at Cultus Lake

Because it seems like we only ever go to Cultus in the off-season.

We had spent Saturday cleaning gutters, sweeping moss of roofs, doing yard work and other outside tasks. So on Sunday after church we decided we needed to head for the water. Cultus Lake to be precise. It was a beautiful day!

Elisabeth rolled up her pant legs and ran straight into the water.

 And then she bounced on David's head.

They have one of those swings where mum or dad can sit with the baby and they can swing together. David and Lizzie had to give it a whirl.

It's hard to believe we used live here and come to the beach quite often.

 As always, Elisabeth loves hanging off anything she can find to hang off.

 And if it zips too, then she's really in heaven.

My lovely boy. 

Elisabeth decided to try some stunts on the zip line.

 She can go the whole way across with just one hand. She's got amazing upper body strength. I never did.

Meanwhile, David set up vignettes for his instagram account.

 And then Elisabeth fell and scraped her knee.

 We continued walking around the beach and over the bridge - lots of opportunity for pictures everywhere!

And then we walked along down to the campground. I love walking around the monthly rental campsites. I think it would be absolutely the best thing ever to have a trailer and park it year round. Can you imagine? I'd never leave.

 Our favorite sea monster was waiting for us to play.

 And on the way out we stopped at Cultus Lake Adventure Park - just to see what there is on offer. We'll go back for the rides some other time.