Wednesday, October 07, 2015

More Scarecrowing...

We decided we needed to go back to Art's Nursery to do the Scarecrow festival one more time. This time we brought some Rossis.

Which meant of course we needed to do way more photo ops. Luckily this time I brought my camera AND memory card!

Adelaide is a delight to go places with.
Classic Ada face:

And so many places to take pictures.
David couldn't believe this was a real car.

Telling Dr. Sawbones to keep away from her!

Ruben wasn't sure what to think!

And then we found a puddle...

We finally left the puddle and ventured on.

Where David made a friend.

And shared some cider.

Then we parked in their craft tent and got down to business.

Which for Ruben meant eating everything in sight.

This time I'd remembered to bring clothes and the kids made scarecrows.

And Ruben continued eating everything in sight.