Friday, October 30, 2015


We don't ever seem to be able to make it to Penticton to visit my dad in the summer. So we've started a tradition of visiting dad for Thanksgiving. I hardly took any pictures this year but here unfortunately.

We had a wonderful time, as always. We arrived after dinner on Friday and watched several episodes of Mountain Men. We were all quickly hooked. It's such an addicting show!

On Saturday, after breakfast, we headed to the Penticton Farmer's Market. After wandering around and finding a new antique store (new to us, filled with fabulous treasures both old and new) we ventured out for lunch. Then it was time to cook the turkey.

Dinner was fabulous. We visited with Linda's parents, then watched more Mountain Men, and then it was bed time.

Sunday, the kids and  Linda went swimming while Dad, Andrew and I went for a drive. It was beautiful.

Monday morning it was time to head home. As always we stopped at Bear's Fruit Stand for some pictures.

David really likes tractors :)

NEXT summer I am going to head out this direction earlier in the year. The prices were amazing. 20 pounds of tomatoes for $7.50 for instance! It was torture not being able to fill the car. But alas, I had far too much work, and no time for canning.

 My favorite part of the drive is from Hedley to Princeton. It's just beautiful.

And we always stop at Bromley Rock for pictures. There's a campsite just here, one day I'm going to camp here.