Friday, October 30, 2015

Pumpkin Patching!

Dave and Alexis invited us to join them at a pumpkin patch. After much hemming and hawing, we settled upon the Port Kells Nursery - it may just be my new favorite nursery!

There were fishies to watch...

And gnomes to rescue...

Even small children under umbrellas.

Ada was enchanted by all of it.

I was enchanted with this piggie.

We finally dragged ourselves from the store and proceeded to the chickens.

While we waited for the hay wagon to take us out to the pumpkin patch, we took advantage of the photo ops.

It may have taken a few minutes to get everyone participating.

But good golly gee, those are some cute kids.

Hanging out with Rubey and Ada makes me miss my kids toddler years.

We finally caught a wagon and made our way out to the field. Ruben thought the wagon ride was just super!

It took us all quite a while to figure out which pumpkins were perfect. In between, I made the kids pose for more pictures.

There were bunnies to be found.

And wheel barrows to fill.

And pigs to watch.

Adelaide soaked it all up.

Then we hopped back on the wagon very quickly just to take a couple more pictures.

Oh right, I have children of my own to photograph. oops!

I don't have pictures, but inside the buildings there were several more attractions: Face painting, a hay  maze, a haunted house and crafts. We also indulged in hot dogs though there were lots of other foods to sample.

And finally we said our goodbyes. Such a lovely day!