Saturday, January 02, 2016

So this is Christmas...

There was so much holidaying to be done, but finally it was Christmas. We had teased the children mercilessly about the fact that they always need to be woken up on Christmas Day - so David set his alarm for 6:15 and woke us up for a change! Time to open presents!

Like most people, we start with stockings. This Christmas, David wanted to draw names and each do the stocking for one of our family members. Unfortunately, I'd already almost finished the stocking shopping so we reached a compromise and the children shopped for mine and Andrew's stockings.

Also new this year, is that the kids shopped very extravagantly for all of us at their school Christmas store. David also spent all his birthday money shopping for his sister.

There was an awful lot of hugging.

And Elisabeth was very tired.

After breakfast, we went to mum's house to open presents there. David got this pair of Santa pyjamas from Grandma, and the Star Wars Battleship from us. A rather rousing game of battleship ensued...
And finally the guests of honour arrived and we were able to have a game of Apples to Apples Jr.

I had no idea what a competitive player my brother is.

And even Charlotte got in on the action.

Uncle Dave showed up and we realized that the three of us had inadvertently coordinated our outfits.

And that was a wrap on Christmas Day.