Friday, November 20, 2009

Heading to Ontario...

This morning as we were getting ready to head out, Davey rushed upstairs to grab some socks. Moments later, he reappeared with his arms full of clothes. "I've got all the clothes I'll need to go to Ontario" he said.

"Great," I replied. "And do you have your socks for now too?"

"Yup. And everything I'm going to need for the next time we go to Ontario." And with that he dropped the clothes on the floor and dashed off for the laundry room. Moments later he reappeared, "Do you know where my suitcase is?"

"Uh, sure. I'll get it for you. So you're really going to Ontario then, hunh?"

"Uh hunh. I have everything I'll need. See? I even brought socks and underwear. We're going for a long time this time. Fifteen days! But I didn't pack toys. They have nice toys there already."

We got into the car and I asked him, "So, when are we heading to Ontario?"

"Oh. Just as soon as we're back from doing the groceries. And when Daddy's here."


We stopped by Andrew's work to grab a bank card and I told Andrew about our travel plans. "Oh," he said. "Do you have our tickets already, David?"

"No. You have to get them for us. Cause you need to pay for them."


Later on we're at Grandma's house and David picks up his gumboots from where he'd left them a few days ago. "I'd better take these. I'm not sure what shoes I'm going to need since we're going to be in Ontario for such a long time. So I'm going to pack all of them."

Grandma made a sad face and said, "So you're really going? I'm going to miss you if you go to Ontario for a long time."

"Yeah," He called over his shoulder as he rushed out the door. "I'll write you a card."