Sunday, November 01, 2009

Lately, round here...

Yesterday we're all sitting 'round the dinner table when Davey looks over at me. "What are you dressed up as mum? Frankenstein?"

Yeah, you guessed it. No costume.


Today everyone is outside doing yardwork, except me. I was spring cleaning when my mum called me to come over to her house. I came back and Elisabeth is in the house. At first I couldn't hear where she'd gotten to, then suddenly the sweet strains of ABBA fill the entire house. Ah yes. My teenaged daughter up in her room, blaring her music. Right.

Moments later, there's a crash and crying. I race upstairs to find her lying on the floor. She'd been standing on a stool singing a long when the stool tipped and she fell. I gave her some kisses, turned the music down slightly and was crouched beside her (wondering if she was feeling okay and could I leave?) when she turns to me and says, "You can go now."

Cute now, but what's it gonna be like when they're teenagers?? :(