Saturday, April 24, 2010

Backyard Photoshoot

David, Elisabeth and Jade were playing in the backyard one day, so I decided to bring out the camera and take some pictures of them. The dandelions are taking over our lawn, so it made for some pretty pictures.

The kids are fascinated with the seeded flowers (hmn, maybe that's why our backyard is pretty much yellow?) I told them Daddy would be so excited to hear they've been planting dandelion seeds everywhere.

David and Jade. I hope they're never too cool to hang out together.

Libby blowing mummy kisses.

Three little monkeys in a row. I was trying for some pretty pictures of them, but this was about the best I could get.

Jade alternated between running around like a mad hatter and rolling down the hill.

Elisabeth picked and kissed almost every dandelion on the hill.

Almost the picture I was looking for...