Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Science World

David's whole school did a field trip to Science world last week. I was asked to come as a parent volunteer. As luck would have it, my dad was in town so Elisabeth stayed with him (there was no way I could handle her, David and whatever other k-kids were assigned to me) and I drove in to Vancouver with my sister. We met the busses right outside Science World.

It's been years and years (maybe 1998?) since the last time I was at Science World. A lot has changed, but it's still a really cool place to go. Here's Kathi and Jade checking their heart rates.

And assembling a skeleton.

David liked the giant piano.

This was the tornado machine. Only really? It's just a plexiglass box with some smoke in it. After I took this picture David came and told me this was the machine that turned Norman Osborn into the Green Goblin.

He was really disappointed that it didn't work on him.

Apparently there was a bottomless hole here.

Kathi's knocking down buildings.

Then we had a bug presentation.

Bronagh wasn't super impressed that the bugs were coming out of their cage.

If I'd known that stick bugs were native to Ontario, I don't think I'd ever have gone there.

When the bug presentation was done, we had lunch and then examined the rooms with the bugs and animals and dinosaur. It was super cool.