Thursday, April 01, 2010

Egg Drop Day

Friday April 1st was the day for both David and Elisabeth to celebrate Easter at their schools. As luck would have it, their celebrations were staggered pretty well so that I didn't miss much by running back and forth between their classes. So while Elisabeth decorated her Easter Hat, David's class dropped their eggs. Here they all are with their drop gadgets:

Ms. R, the principal, climbed to the top of the roof and lowered a basket for the kids to put their contraptions in.
Here's David putting his drop box into the basket.

It spun in flight and ended up kinda landing on it's head. But it was solidly built (well done, boys!) and the egg survived.

It was crazy watching these boxes fall. Some of them looked like the egg would break for sure (plastic cup with egg wrapped in plastic bags and dropped with another bag as a chute. Egg survived!

The egg in this one didn't make it, but I LOVED how they decorated the box.

Meanwhile, Elisabeth had finished her hat (It has ears on the band too), finished eating her easter goodies and was ready for the egg hunt!