Sunday, January 03, 2016

A Heritage Christmas at Fort Langley

We were so blessed with the weather the second week of Christmas break. Quite a change from the deluges of the previous week.

As the kids and I still had days off, we decided to spend Wednesday at Fort Langley. We have an annual pass and they always have something seasonal on.

We took our traditional picture by the front sign.

And then we went into the cooperidge to make some crafts and try the heritage hot chocolate.

And then the children proceeded to play on the walls for a good ninety minutes. They chased each other, played at battles, and built walls and quite ignored the exhibits.

However, first the cooperidge. There was a tree and a sack full of Santa's gifts.

David was disappointed with the quality of the blade on this thing. Said it was not up to Swiss standards.

So they moved on to making Christmas decorations.

There was also some heritage hot chocolate going.

David and his ornament.

Our friends arrived and the battle began. So Denis and I sat on a bench near the fire and enjoyed the sunshine.

Finally the children came by the fire. We left the boys poking around.

And took the girls into the big house, where lo and behold, there was dress up and play!

Griff got in on that for about two minutes before going back out to join the boys.

And the girls set about cooking dinner.

I think they make lovely pioneer girls.

And finally, it was time to go. So we took another picture by the sign.