Sunday, January 03, 2016

Bright Lights at Stanley Park

The last of the Christmassing was a trip to Stanley Park. We had attempted to go sooner, but the tickets sell out so quickly! We finally managed to secure tickets for the 30th. Ii think it was for the best, as the weather was SO much nicer (albeit colder) than the previous week.

It's been years since we last came down for the lights. But they were just as beautiful as always.

While Elisabeth watched the Nutcracker (the one with McCauley Culkin), we wandered down to Santa's Workshop.

Surprisingly, we've never spent more than an hour looking at everything. I'm sure you could spend ages wandering around and taking it all in.

We did spend some time colouring.

And finally it was time to line up for our the train.

I took a few quick snaps of us passengers.

And then settled in to enjoy the ride. What a way to end the festivities!