Saturday, January 02, 2016

Family time

Boxing Day my siblings gathered at our house for brunch and a quick gift exchange.

So of course, it was a perfect opportunity to grab some pictures of the littles. This one in particular is very good at posing for pictures.

And Elisabeth loved having an extra little cousin to cart about and baby.

Here's Jade, who is also always ready to mug for the camera.

I have a little bistro set that I bought for Elisabeth - mostly because I thought it would be the  most wonderful thing to set up a cute little bistro and coffee shop. The new littles love playing coffee shop...and pretending to eat all the little treats.

My sister and her oldest <3 p="">

This little campfire set was for sale at one of the craft sales I was at this season. As soon as I saw it, I called my sister and asked if I could buy for the Rossis this year. I knew Ada would love it.

I was right.

Ruben loves it too, but he might not be allowed to play with it for a little while.

Mnnnnn, s'mores any time of year, and no matter the weather.

Our gingerbread houses were of great interest to these two.

In fact, I think some of the pieces may be missing since I took these pictures.

This was David's Christmas miracle. He decided to cut his hair short on Christmas Eve to surprise everyone on Christmas Day.

Ada also received Hungry Hippos for Christmas. We had a great time playing with her. Although Ada likes to make sure everyone receives the same number of marbles.

More cousin time.

And more food at Grandma's house.