Sunday, January 03, 2016

Oh we do love to be beside the sea side!

 After our taste of fresh, sea air on Monday, I knew I wanted to go back to the ocean on Tuesday.

We fed the kids lunch and packed up the cars. It was gorgeous!

Some of us were more eager to get down to business than others.

 Griffin started collecting crab parts. There were a great number of crabs tangled up in the seaweed.

Me? I planted myself firmly in my chair to enjoy the view.

The girls, who had planned their beach outfits with great care, were straight of exploring the shore line.

David was feeling unusually pose-y that afternoon.

What you can't tell in these pictures is how very, very cold it was at the beach. Even bundled up in layers and winter coats we were frozen right through after about two hours.

 I loved how the kids sorted themselves into groups and then got right down to building. Griff was a bit of a floater, wandering from one establishment to another. Then you had Haylea building a most elaborate village. Elisabeth in the middle with her large castle mound and moat. And finally the two older boys working on their deep trenches.

Eventually the wind picked up even more, and we decided to move to Redwood Park. It was more sheltered there, yes, but also the sun hadn't picked its way through the trees yet. We played for about half an hour, then called it a day...

...because we had tickets to see Star Wars!!