Saturday, January 02, 2016

Head for the hills!

On Monday after Christmas, we decided that we were going to head to Grouse Mountain to find some snow. However, when we got there it appeared that everyone else in Vancouver had also decided to go to Grouse Mountain. It was quite apparent that we were not going to find a parking spot, never mind the very, very long line up for the gondola.

So we decided to head for Whytecliff Park instead.

It was an absolutely stunning day.

At first, the kids wanted to play at having battles.

But then the boys found a driftwood house, and decided to renovate.

And so, the two littles found their own place to set up camp.

I wonder if we will still refer to them as the littles when they're 16. Or 18.

We finally persuaded them to head back towards us, and they found a little cave under the cliff.

I love her little pouty face.

We appeased the two youngest children by taking them to clamber over the rocks.

Still, they insisted on clambouring all over the edges of the cliffs.

Wouldn't this be a most wonderful spot for a picnic?

We decided to try our luck again at Grouse Mountain. Alas, it was still far too busy for us to find a parking spot. And so we went this time to Cleveland Dam instead.

And it was simply magnificent there.

The Lions especially were beautiful.