Monday, October 10, 2016

David's birthday celebration

David wanted to go to the lego thingie in Vancouver to celebrate his birthday. And, like the good mom I pretend to be, I made that happen.

We started off by listening to a Lego Master Builder tell us all about his job and Lego. Interesting fact, there are not very  many LMB in the world, and he is part of the only father/son duo who get to do this for a living. Cool!

The kids learned a building technique that makes your structures stronger. And then they got to practice it.

I don't have the picture here, but after David modelled his structure, he got to roll a metal ball down into it, to test how strong his structure was.

There were lots of cool lego things to take pictures beside. Another interesting fact: They CraGl their models. And sometimes, add other things to reinforce them. Spider Man's arm has a metal post in it so that it won't fall off and bean a kid in the head.

In the City Lego section, the kids practiced building cars and racing them.

This is Tommy's.

I can't remember the order we did things in, but we split up into three groups of two and wandered around. It was so busy at first, it was averaging us an hour to do each section. We only had four hours in the exhibit and there were probably  more than ten parts to do. Only a little stressful for a certain enthusiast.

Luckily, after the second hour it got less busy. And the last hour was positively wonderful.

There were a lot of exhibits that you could connect to the video games and then play inside whatever you'd built. that was cool. Also, they gave out some free stuff. Also cool.

And even our teens had a good time.

I would love to complete a whole wall in this sort of idea.

In the end we had to drag the teens out. That's a good sign, right?

Then, since we were in the neighborhood, we had to go buy Andrew tea.

Another good day,.