Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Julius' birthday celebration

The very next day after David's birthday celebration, we headed to Steveston to celebrate Julius. Our tradition is to have lunch at the Hog Shack, and then depending on the weather, go for a wander.

Tommy and Larry were of course with us.

And some of the Goldstones too.

Part of visiting Steveston always involves checking out the fishing boats.

We'd seen these swans nesting down by the fishing village before, but today they were hanging out down by the boats.

My girl <3

We hung out at the end of the dock.

Where the kids tried to make each other fly by jumping up and down on this little dock.

Eventually the big kids joined in.

Then Julius decided we had too many kids and started throwing them off the dock.

So again, the big kids joined in.

My two decided the best strategy was to hold onto each other and me.

Then the stones left.

So we went to a playground.

And a chocolate store.