Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Rainy days on the sunshine coast

We woke up in the middle of a rain forest! Dave and I had arranged the night before to get up early with Ruben and go to the beach. ha! No chance of that, so we went to Sechelt instead. We stopped for coffee at the Basted Baker, but the food looked so good we ended up having breakfast instead. I expect I'll blog more about this when I've uploaded my cellphone pictures.

Next the three of us went grocery shopping.

By the time we arrived home, we found this scene on the sofa.

Ruben jumped in and started playing with Andrew.

And mugging for the camera.

Love the little scrunched up nose.

Also, looking at these pictures is making me miss all four of my far away nieces and nephews so very  much.

While Dave and Alexis cooked our Thanksgiving dinner, Ruben and I played in the puddles.

This area they're living in - the property, the neighborhood - it's like a park. I'm so in love.

Anyway, back to the puddles.

After a while, we decided to see what was going on in the backyard. Stopping briefly at the van.

Kay so after posing for ten million pictures (and making his aunty so very happy), Ruben started asking for Lishi.

And Ada came out too.

After being inside most of the day, we were so exuberant in our puddle jumping.

Well, some of us.

oh, there we go!

And then we picked bouquets of fall flowers.