Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The sun came out on the sunshine coast

Let me see. Sunday morning was dry and beautiful.

Alexis went to mass; some people slept in. Dave and I made breakfast. And let me tell you, we were awesome. If Dave ever decides to quit the ocean life, I think we could open a short order cafe.

After breakfast, Ruben went for a nap. We'd timed it perfectly so that as soon as Ruben woke up we could go for a walk. Only we didn't reckon with three year olds. No sooner was Ruben up, then Ada was in desperate need of a nap. So Alexis and Ada stayed home while the rest of us went to Cliff Gulker Park - about two minutes from their house.

Dave asked me what I thought of it. And I didn't understand the question at all. I thought he wanted me to compare it with Switzerland. Because the trail was rough in places. And the wind had blown down trees and broken bridges and some of the boardwalks needed fixing.

You'd never find a trail like that in Switzerland. At least, not anywhere I've ever walked.

But honestly, this was one of the most beautiful hikes I've ever done.

And there were so many mushrooms everywhere.

Can you spot the teeny, tiny mushrooms?

We kind of stole Ruben and took over. Big sisters have a tendency to do that. And sometimes big brothers too.

I took a photography class last year. I've been trying to photograph water like this since I took the class:

I did it!

More mushrooms!

After we'd finished at the forest, we drove three minutes down the road, and ended up at the beach.

Man, my brother lives in a beautiful place.